Deborah Fox Biography

Deb was born in Innsbruck, Austria and while still young her family moved to Jackson Hole, WY.  That move shaped her artistic career.  She attended Colorado State University where she majored in Microbiology/pre vet-med.  She now lives in Victor ,ID on the west side of the Tetons and flies for Delta Airlines.  Deb's Art encompasses her depth, knowledge and appreciation of the native,western wildlife and her environment.  Her painting process is unique to watercolor.  She includes wet into wet, dry brush, glazing, lifting, and moving the paint on absorbent ground on canvas.  All is protected by archival non-yellowing/varnish finish, making the art pieces/canvas, timeless enduring, captivating and engaging.  Unbound by conventional rules,Deb stylistically rejects conventional artistic restrictions.  Through her use of bold color, unique artistic techniques and unconventional perspective, she is consistently exploring ways to make her art sing while capturing the essence and heart of her subject.  Deb is a member of the Idaho, San Diego and Coachella Valley Watercolor Societies and paints with Teton Plein Air Group  and Field Mice of Palm Springs CA.

Artist Statement

I grew up in a creative family, encouraged to express myself through painting and drawing.  I constantly experiment and stretch to learn something new each day.  For me, gaining knowledge keeps me engaged and insightful.  I have experimented with collage,acrylic, oil and fabric.  I have graphics on buildings and garages.  Living and playing in the mountains keeps me connected to my wild surroundings.  I love big, bright, bold color.  Watercolor has become my medium because its unpredictability excites and encourages me to experiment.  

Show Info,
Gallery  Info

16"x22" @175.00$, 30"x22" @ 225.00$

prints on arches archival watercolor paper,signed/dated.14"x11" matted@ 30.00$ available at shows only. Other sizes available. You may also get canvas prints. mugs scarves etc.. at which is a digital reproduction site. To find my art on that site you must type in DeborahFox , all one word. To get prints email me at or text 307-733-4857 Please contact me for any questions/ideas

My Art is currently hanging at the White Buffalo Club in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Deborah Fox Art is now displaying at The

I am Artist In Residence @ Snow King Hotel in Jackson, WY

I will be painting in Lobby most Fri/Sat from 3-5

I'll have my prints available for purchase. 

White Buffalo Club Price List June 2020

Diabolique/red wolf 36"x36" 2300.00

Lunch Counter/pelican trout 24"x48" 2200.00

Marsh Moose 36"x48" 3000.00

Bull's Eye/bison 24"x36" 1500.00

Venerable/red bison 24"x36"

Mountain Music/cowboy guitar 24"x24" 600.00

Archimedes/great horned owl 36"x36" 2300.00

Rainbow Trout in hall floor #2 350.00

Snow King Hotel Art Price List

Skinny Dip/splashing bear 36"x36" 2300.00

Bison Spring 48"x24" 2200.00

Zephyr/wolf 60"x48" 5000.00

Seeker/great horned owl 48"x48" 4000.00

Line Out/dog sled 22'x28 framed/mat 550.00

Aeronaut/barn owl 16"x20" framed/mat 280.00

Yellowstone Falls 16"x20" framed/mat 280.00

Bucky Beaver 16"x20" framed/mat 280.00

Lagoon Moose 16"x20" framed/mat 280.00 

Takin' It To The Streets 2020 in September in Jackson, Wyo. If it happens, I'll be there.

Instagram  debfox007